Whiting & Associates, Inc.
can bring any of its nationally recognized programs
to your location at a time convenient to your organization.

Companies who train all of their supervisors and managers in the proper management of employees can greatly improve morale and productivity while reducing the organization’s exposure to employee lawsuits.

Each one of our in-house training programs emphasizes practical, proven techniques for managing employees legally, not on complicated legalese or esoteric management theories.These programs can be customized to address the specific needs of your organizaton.

Some of our popular in-house training programs include the following.

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Union Prevention Workshop for Managers and Supervisors
How to Interview and Hire the Best Employees

   Your Employees Will Receive:

  • FREE! Comprehensive program notebook for future reference
  • Free! Comprehensive summary of Federal and State employment laws
  • Sample Employment Application Form
  • Sample Disciplinary (Counseling) Form
  • Comprehensive list of legal and illegal interview questions
  • Disciplinary Action Plan for correcting problem employees
  • A "Termination Checklist" to use to insure a termination is defensible
  • Certificate of Completion

   In-House Training Format & Fees:

  • All of our one-day training programs are six hours in length, plus time for lunch and rest breaks.
  • The fee is per person, with a $1500 minimum per training day, plus travel.
  • While there is no maximum per session, it is suggested that the number of of participants per session be limited to 40 in order to facilitate discussion.
  • The client will be responsible for providing a suitable meeting room, screen and either a blackboard or flip chart.

    For more information on each program’s agenda, or to schedule an In-house Seminar,
    e-mail us at inhouse@whitingassociates.com, or call our office at 972-492-0895.