Bob Whiting, President of Whiting Associates, will review your Personnel Policy Manuals and Employee Handbooks to identify areas that may need to be modified to reduce your exposure to potential legal problems.

Such a review is not designed to rewrite policies to suit our preferences, it is to merely identify language problems which may cause problems. We will carefully review your Policy Manual and/or Employee Handbook and provide you with a written report summarizing our findings for your consideration.

The charge for such a review is an hourly rate, with most projects requiring approximately 4-6 hours to complete

If you are having a problem with a particular policy, or series of policies, Bob will work with you to develop an effective policy (or policies) that will address the problems you are having in a way that will enhance morale and productivity.

The charge for this service is based on an hourly rate.

If your organization is in danger of being unionized, Bob will work with management to develop an effective strategy to stop the union organizing campaign before a petition for an election is filed, or, if a petition for an election has been filed, he will work with management to develop an effective union avoidance campaign to defeat the union organizing attempt.

Bob has had considerable experience in union prevention strategies, having conducted winning campaigns against the UAW, IAM, IBEW, OCAW, UTE, IUE, ACTWU, Teamsters, Carpenters and the Grainmillers. He has been quoted on union prevention topics by the Wall Street Journal and has been published in Personnel Administrator magazine. He has even been labeled a “union-buster’ by the Texas AFL-CIO in their monthly newsletter.

If your company is undergoing significant change, it is important that you be able to communicate these changes effectively in order to prevent the anxiety and confusion that breeds employee relations problems. Bob has a proven track record of designing and implementing effective communications strategies that will assist management in implementing the desired changes without an adverse effect on employee morale and productivity.

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